Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Innovation is to build relationship and simplify life

After the CORE blog in wix, Add on points that I may forget
To solve a problem or satisfy a need is not necessary.  Like being a roast beef chef.

A founder builds relations.

A relation is to easy other people's life.  Make somethings simple.  Easy.

innovation = change x big
start = new biz x new company x founder transformation

Startup and innovation are both business domain, not knowledge domain.

Business is to provide value in exchange for cash tips.
Starting business is to build
A startup business is not a business yet.

is to survive
is to quit job

The art of marriage ...   your first day at work

Don't do this ... unless you read this

math  excel
puzzle is design elements
puzzle design
game design, map series
chinese checker
business map of the world
navigator, map, clinic, physical

beginners question wall, idea designer game, idea evaluator, battlefield quest style game ... startup simulator
the dashboards ...

小人书 twitter style, left right button style
all books connected  Multi level book dynamic book
links  evolving book ...
book as game, book as social networking
Company - business
Creation - business
Value - money
Quality - detail
big - small

scaling: item, day (consuming), location, country,

Startup design, evaluator, simulator, questionnaire, and control panel
Math and logic
Road map
Hourly consultation

Secrets of building a business:
five core business
final population x frequency x refreshing x value x payment x secret sauce x fresh approach old things x

videos.idea CNN paid contents idea